Sunday, April 21, 2013


Howdy Graphics Team!
So, after much internal deliberation on the time and date of your final, I have come to find out that the final for this class IS the last day of class. Meaning that OUR FINAL WILL BE THIS FRIDAY AT NORMAL CLASS TIME...don't let the caps intimidate you, seeing as how most of you have nearly fully assembled your cookbooks, I think we are in good shape. So, This approaching Friday the 26th we will have our final, I will be looking over your fabulous cookbooks and we will be participating in a group critique as we go. So wrap it up, get it ready and I will see you on Friday! Email me if there are any further questions, otherwise, full steam ahead.

--Joseph Ryan
Graphic Tech Overlord

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hey there Graphics Gang-

Unfortunately my health is not up to par this week, as I have been dealing with a touch of the flu bug. Class is cancelled for tomorrow. Have a good weekend and we will hit the ground running next week with some InDesign. 
Also, good news, I have gotten the OK to teach you guys any extra stuff I see fit (Cinema 4D and After Effects), as long as we get the regular lessons done...So next week is going to be awesome. 

See you then. 

Joseph W Ryan


And by the way, for those of you who put your foot forward and made some  pixel characters, the stuff I am  getting from you guys is awesome. I was showing them off at work (the co-workers think they are awesome) and honestly, I am a little jealous, my pixel characters were simple in comparison. Kudos. 
(Street cred points for the Always Sunny in Philadelphia Pixels)